The Absolute God Slaying Poison is the poison that Jasmine was poisoned with. It is so toxic that it even affects the soul and the area around the person poisoned and the people around the affected person will also get poisoned. It also takes the Sky Poison Pearl, one of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures, several years in order to fully detoxify it.

The person who is poisoned by it can not use their profound strength or the poison will rebound greatly; the more strength used the harder the rebound will be.


The Absolute God Slaying Poison is the most terrifying poison that has been seen thus far, even going beyond Yun Che's medical scope.

  • Sky Poison Pearl detoxification
    • The poison can be detoxified quickly if it had yet to invade the soul, but once it invades the soul, even with this Heavenly Profound Treasure it still takes years before it will be detoxified.


  • It took around 6 years for Jasmine to be detoxified.
    • It may have been sooner but there where times when Jasmine was forced into using her Profound Strength, which caused the poison to rebound; sinking further into her soul.
  • It is hinted that this poison is the inheritance of a God level entity.[1]