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As some have asked what's going on with our schedule since we've now hit October, here's a reply for you all. Our main TL person has returned but isn't running at full speed. Our borrowed SR translator is still picking up some chapters to help fill in the gaps. We are doing our best to bring you chaps at 1 per day, but we haven't actually been more than 2 days yet. If it seems like more than 2 it's probably a combination of the time of day that chaps get released vs when you wake/sleep and the sheer drive to read more ATG faster. Most of the 2 day instead of 1 day releases in Oct have been because Alys's internet is a crippled piece of crap that should be put down.

As for timing. Here's an update for you all as well. I am doing most of the actual releasing of chaps for ATG now. I work late, come home, then see if there's something ready to be released. If there is, I deal with it, if not, I check back periodically for several hours before going to bed. The point is, that you can expect chapters (when released) to be roughly between 10pm PST and 2am PST MOST of the time. Sometimes Alys will release a chap and then it will be on her schedule, but most of them will be on mine. This is the closest I can get to giving you guys an actual release schedule. As always, releases are 1 chap every 1 to 2 days. We strive for 1, but we haven't failed 2 in a long time.

If for any reason you need to contact me...edit screw ups in released(not advance) chaps, confusion in advance chaps that needs editing, questions/concerns about ATG, you can reach me on Discord: RubbleWW#7029. I don't always read the comments sections, but Discord sends me an email if I don't log in for a while and people message me. 


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TL Note: When I first started translating, I had two English titles in mind: Against the Gods and Opposition of the Evil God. Around chapter 3-5, I decided on the title Against the Gods because it sounded cooler. Should be Against the Heavens or Opposition of the Evil God or Heaven Defying Evil God but since we’ve almost hit half of a hundred, I’m just going to keep Against the Gods as the title. This is what I get for translating as I read, meh. My only excuse is that sometimes the heavens and gods are used interchangeably.

Also, the term 逆天 used in the title is a gaming term that essentially means "overpowered".

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