The Black Moon Merchant Guild is a merchant guild that sells anything one could imagine. It is reputed to be the biggest merchant guild chain in the Profound Sky Continent. The headquarters is located in the Divine Phoenix Empire. Its branch guilds have reached every country and major city. The guild had a tremendous reputation for being stringent but fair in transactions and would never be biased against any one side. The guild usually only deal in merchandise with a high grade and never goods of low quality. The guild sells a dazzling assortment of merchandise; medicinal ingredients, pellets, weapons, armors, gems, low rank profound beast cores, and even low rank profound skills.[1] Its wealth is so immense that it is estimated to be higher than the combined wealth of all the nations besides the Divine Phoenix Empire.[2]

The guild master is Zi Ji and the guild is closely tied to Supreme Ocean Palace. The guild master resides in the magnificent headquarters building in Divine Phoenix City. The headquarters has special rules on who it will serve. Customers must test their profound strength on profound crystal arrays at the entrance. Depending on which colors of the rainbow they can light up, they can access higher floors. Guild master Zi Ji only serves the most powerful customers that can pass the test to access the highest floor.[3] In addition to items, guild master Zi Ji also sells intelligence such as the whereabouts of individuals.[4]


The Black Moon Merchant Guild uses a black waning moon as their logo.[1]




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