• Nehaust

    Thanks God! ATG Manhua

    February 27, 2018 by Nehaust

    The "Manhua" of ATG where we got the previous illustrations was confirmed to be fanmade, still the illustrations for the characters will be used till an official manhua is released.

    This fanmade manhua get axed on 3rd chapter part 1 by copyright issue.

    The author made this mahua without Zongheng or Mars Gravity consent.

    Be happy, have hope that if an official version is released, the characters won't be ugly.

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  • Nehaust

    Against the Gods' wikia icon

    February 26, 2018 by Nehaust

    We're searching for better icons to add, if you're interested in contributing with that, send me the images/favicons you think that are good for the wiki.

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  • Amakashi

    Evil Gods Secret

    February 24, 2018 by Amakashi

    when the Moon Slaughter Devil Soverign said that “This king… has given to you… a great boon… that you would never be able to obtain… even if you wished for it… ha… haha… kuh…” when he inserted his devil origin orb inside Yun Che's evil god veins. Did he really meant what he said or was he being sarcastic?......If he really meant what he said than doesnt it mean he knew about Evil god having darkness profound energy and the affinity of his devil orb with his veins???

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  • Immortal Sovereign

    ATG status

    February 24, 2018 by Immortal Sovereign

    Does anyone know how many chapters will have complete novel?

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  • Rachitsah99

    So I've been wondering why even after hundreds of chapters Yun Che still hasn't found Chu Yuechan. I'm assuming its bc the author doesn't Yun Che to become a father which may sway his attention from cultivation. At this point its all but likely that Yun Che is gonna be a walmart dad and his daughter (i think) will come and find him and beat him up lmao.

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