Blue Wind Empire (苍风国) is one of the seven nations of the Profound Sky Continent. It is the home of Yun Che and other major characters. Historically it has been the weakest nation; it is remote, has few resources and the peak strength of cultivators is the middle of Emperor Profound Realm. The nation regularly hosts the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament and they also participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament where they are regularly ridiculed by the other nations for their lack of talent.

Yun Che is the overlord and protector of Blue Wind Empire. He is also married to the Empress, Cang Yue. As Yun Che's strength grew, the strength and prestige of Blue Wind also grew. It is currently one of the most influential powers on the Profound Sky Continent.

Imperial FamilyEdit

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  • Empress Cang Yue - Was the Blue Moon Princess; became Empress after the assassination of Emperor Cang Wanhe
  • Emperor Consort Yun Che

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After the Divine Phoenix invasion, Blue Wind's prestige grew among the Seven Nations. The other five nations became respectful and fearful of Blue Wind and sent many gifts as tribute and even offered their princesses in marriage to Yun Che.[1]

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