Blue Wind Empire is one of the seven nations of the Profound Sky Continent with it being the smallest and weakest of the seven nations. It is the the home of Yun Che.. After Cang Yue became the Empress Yun Che became the new Emperor.

They host a tournament called the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament where all the geniuses of the major sects compete against each other for a chance to enter into the Heaven Basin Secret Realm.

During the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament held by the Divine Phoenix Sect, they are always being ridiculed by the other nations because of their lack of talent.

After the Divine Phoenix Empires crisis they were attacked by them for their Purple Crystal Mine. This lead to the eventual assassination of the previous Emperor, Cang Wanhe and the coronation of the current Empress, Cang Yue.

Imperial FamilyEdit

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Current Empress Edit

  • Cang Yue - Was the Blue Moon Princess; became Empress after the assassination of Emperor Cang Wanhe

Current Emperor Edit

Major Powers Edit

Minor Powers Edit

Locations Edit

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Blue Wind Imperial City Edit

  • Moon Embracing Palace

Snow Region of Extreme Ice Edit

Floating Cloud City Edit

  • Reflection Gorge- is a place located in Xiao Clan mountain area, which is used to punished people who have broken the rules of Xiao Clan.

Cyan Forest Town Edit

Scarlet Mountain Edit

New Moon CityEdit

Other Edit

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