The Blue Wind Imperial Family is the Imperial Family that rules over the Blue Wind Empire. The Previous Emperor, Cang Wanhe was schemed against by his own sons who where vying for the Throne. They had the doctor Gu Qiuhong put a parasite known as the Soul Devouring Life Binding Parasite to slowly take away his life. Their plan was eventually foiled by Yun Che who removed it, saving his life.

Later when the Divine Phoenix Empire waged war on Blue Wind Empire Cang Wanhe was assassinated and none of his sons wanted to become the ruler of a dying country so Cang Yue stepped onto the Throne, which allowed them to last three years before Yun Che eventually showed up.


Current Ruler(s) Edit

  • Cang Yue - Was the Blue Moon Princess; became Empress after the assassination of Emperor Cang Wanhe

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