The Blue Wind Profound Palace is Blue Wind Empire greatest profound palace and located in Blue Wind Imperial City. It was established by the Blue Wind Imperial Family one thousand eight hundred years ago. It is directly supervised and supplied for by the royal family. The palace had a policy that every year it would accept three of the most distinguished disciples from each profound palace within Blue Wind Empire[1].

The palace's interior is divided into three levels: Outer Palace, Middle Palace, and Inner Palace. The Outer Palace has fifty four thousand disciples. The Middle Palace has three thousand. The Inner Palace has only a hundred disciples.[2]. A practitioner that could enter the Inner Palace would receive the Imperial Family’s greatest attention, would receive extremely excellent resources, and the best conditions during his stay in Blue Wind Profound Palace. Before leaving the Blue Wind Profound Palace, they would receive an invitation to join the imperial family from the Imperial Family’s initiative. Once one joins the Imperial Family, getting an high position was only secondary; the most important part was that their entire family would be bathed in wealth and glory because of this.

Outer Palace Edit

Entrance requirement is the lowest but still very strict and enough to eliminate ninety percent of applicants. Those who fail can still enter the profound palaces in smaller cities.

Middle Palace Edit

If one was able to enter the Middle Palace, and was willing to serve the Imperial Family, one would definitely be greatly valued by the Imperial Family. If one was to enter the military, the starting point would be the first rank commander of a thousand men.

Inner Palace Edit

Inner Palace is governed by strength. All 100 disciples are ranked in terms of profound strength in the Heavenly Profound Ranking. Those wishing to join the ranking and the Inner Palace have to challenge and defeat somebody on the list.

There are no instructors, everybody relies on themselves. Only Inner Palace disciples can cultivate Blue Wind Profound Palace’s unique Profound Arts.

Members Edit


Inner Palace:

Middle Palace:

Outer Palace:

Locations Edit

Three Great Weapon Pavilions

  • Common Weapon Pavilion - Inside the Outer Palace
  • Earth Weapon Pavilion - Inside the Middle Palace
  • Sky Weapon Pavilion - Inside the Inner Palace; Highest leveled weapons, with the lowest being True Profound weapons and thee highest being the occasional Earth Profound Weapon. The Overlord's Colossal Sword was kept here.

Other Places

  • Central Plaza - Used for evaluating potential students
  • Supreme Profound Hall - A to select Profound Arts and Profound Techniques
  • Profound Gathering Tower - 10 story tower that gathers and condenses profound energy, useful for cultivation[5].

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