The Blue Wind Ranking Tournament that was previously held once every ten years, had now been compressed to once every three years. The reason the frequency of the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament had increased to once every three years was because the frequency that the “Heaven Basin Secret Realm” was opened, increased from every ten years, to every five years, then to every three years.

Reasoning Behind the Tournament Edit

  • Prestige/Rank - The outcome of the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament decided a sect’s level, and if a previously unknown sect has an exceptional performance in the tournament and entered the top one hundred, then it would become famous overnight. To the sects that already stood at the apex, a good ranking was incomparably important because it would decide their position and prestige for the next three years
  • Rewards - The top ten ranking disciples would obtain prizes, and especially for the top three, for they would come from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region of the Four Great Sacred Grounds
  • Heaven Basin Secret Realm - Only The top ten ranking sects have the right to explore it in hope for some good fortune

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