Cang Lin was the Crown Prince of the Blue Wind Empire. He was the oldest son of Blue Wind Emperor Cang Wanhe. He has six brothers and one sister, Cang Yue.

Appearance Edit

He looked like an almost thirty year old youthful man adorned in an attire full of gold patterns.[1]

Plotline Edit

When the Blue Wind Emperor fell gravely ill, the crown prince wanted to succeed him. He had the support of the Second and Seventh Prince. However, he faced strong competition from the Third Prince Cang Shuo who was supported by the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Prince. Princess Cang Yue remained neutral. The emperor thought this kind of battle for the throne was perfectly normal and let it happen.

Crown Prince Cang Lin borrowed the power of Xiao Sect in order to suppress the Third Prince. As a counter, the Third Price allied with the Burning Heaven Clan. Emperor Cang Wanhe was extremely angered by the actions of the two prices. Blue Wind Imperial Family has always been careful when dealing with the Four Major Sects in order to maintain independent power and influence in Blue Wind Empire. Borrowing power from the two sects went directly against this principle[2].

When Emperor Cang Wanhe's health returned to normal with the help of Yun Che, Cang Lin lost all his influence. He was later arrested on dozens of crimes including "rebellion" and "patricide" and publicly beheaded[3].