Emperor of the Blue Wind Empire, is home is in Blue Wind Imperial City. For a while he was deathly sick, only expected to live for five more years, from an unknown cause. Which in return caused two of his sons to fight over the throne, with his only support within the Imperial family being from his daughter Cang Yue. Later Yun Che examined him finding out he was infected by Dr. Gu Qiuhong, the recognized number one doctor in the Blue Wind Empire, with a parasite call the Soul Devouring Life Binding Parasite. The only known way to remove the parasite was with and extremly rare and and toxic organisim with a soul detaching ability call the Burning Soul Flower. After the "death" of Yun Che his Cang Yue becomes emotionally despondent and agrees the marry with the young master of the Burning Heaven Clan,  Fen Juecheng, in order to get the Burning Soul Flower. Later after Yun Che's supposed death and subsequent resurrection Yun Che uses his profound handle to finally extract the parasite and cure him.

Was assassinated by Divine Phoenix Empire.

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