This appearance is too bold. If my wife dares to dress like this, I would definitely divorce her...If it’s only to show me alone, then it would be different.
Yun Che when first seeing Chiyang Yanwu[1]

Chiyang Yanwu is a member of the young generation of the Chiyang Family. It is said that her affinity with fire is almost equal to her ancestors from the ancient era. Her talent is frightening and although she is only twenty-four, she is already at the peak of the fifth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, about to advance to the sixth level. Her weapon is the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip.

Appearance Edit

Chiyang Yanwu has scarlet hair and even her beige-colored skin had a hidden tint of red.

She wears very tight fitting and revealing leather clothes. She wears a red leather shirt that wraps around her voluptuous breasts but reveals her flat stomach and navel. She also wears an extremely short pair of red leather waist pants that barely held her butt and completely revealed her slender long legs.[1]

Personality Edit

She has a reputation in Illusory Demon Realm for being very prideful and it’s said that no man has made her look at him straight in the eye before.

Trivia Edit

Yun Che whipped her butt with her own whip.[2]