Everything to do with cultivation in the profound.

Realms Edit

Each realm goes from level 1 to 10 before they can advance to the next one, the 10th level of a realm is considered the Peak of that realm. Once someone goes past level 10 of a realm but does not enter the next realm it can be considered Half-step into that realm.

Rank Realm Lifespan Details
Nine Mortal Realms (凡体九境)[1]
1 Elementary Profound Realm
Strength, speed and senses above ordinary living beings.
2 Nascent Profound Realm
Profound Strength began to develop.
3 True Profound Realm
4 Spirit Profound Realm
5 Earth Profound Realm
6 Sky Profound Realm
Those who reach this realm can use Profound Floating Technique and fly in the skies unhindered.
7 Emperor Profound Realm
500 Those who reach this level are referred as Thrones and can use the power of Domain.
8 Tyrant Profound Realm
1.000 Those who reach this level are referred as Overlords.
9 Sovereign Profound Realm
2.000 Those who reach this level are referred as Monarchs and can create their own Pocket Dimension for storage. This is the peak of mortal achievement.
Seven Divine Profound Realms (神玄七境)[1]
1 Divine Origin Realm
10.000 Vital Energy Deification. Those who reach this level are referred as Profound Gods by the cultivators from lower realms.
2 Divine Soul Realm
Soul Deification.
3 Divine Tribulation Realm
In this realm there is only the growth of profound strength. Because 60% cultivators perish in this realm while crossing the Divine Tribulation, this realm is also called Divine Perishing Realm (神陨镜).
4 Divine Spirit Realm
Spirit Deification.
5 Divine King Realm
Can be called Realm King in some Low-Rank Star Realm.
6 Divine Sovereign Realm
Can be called Realm King even in Middle-Rank Star Realm.
7 Divine Master Realm
50.000 Can be called Realm King in High-Rank Star Realm. Is the closest to True God that humans can achieve.
8 Divine Extinction Realm
Cultivators who made their way into this realm can be considered half step into True God.
9 Unknown 1B+

Profound Veins Edit

Profound Veins hold the profound strength, so they are not a necessity to live. The profound veins start growing from the time of birth and reach maturity at around the age of fourteen.

The profound veins inside a human body were like a robust and mature tree with many “branches” spreading out in all directions, and on each “branch” laid a profound entrance. As for the “trunk”, it was the most important core position of the profound veins, the base of all the profound veins. On this base, there were no profound entrances.

Damaged Profound Veins Edit

If an adult’s Profound Vein became damaged, their power would leak but there were a variety of methods to repair that.

However, if the Profound Vein broke in the early stages of infancy, the growth of the vein would start from a bad foundation and will only become worse.[2]

Profound Entrances Edit

Altogether, a person can only have a total of Fifty-four Profound Entrances. An ordinary person is gifted with approximately ten inborn profound entrances while a person with high innate talent may be gifted with around fifteen profound entrances. A person with twenty naturally opened profound entrances, it can be considered an exceptionally great gift not seen very often. If one has more profound entrances opened, their cultivation of the profound, and their activation speed will increase. A practitioner with twenty opened profound entrances would undoubtedly cultivate and activate their profound strength twice as fast as a practitioner born with only ten opened profound entrances.

It is extremely difficult to open a profound entrance. In the entire Blue Wind Empire, the people who have achieved the supreme state of opening of thirty profound entrances, could not possibly surpass five.

When all fifty-four profound entrances are opened it is know as Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins. The number of innately open Profound Entrances essentially decided the height one could reach during his entire lifetime, because it was extremely difficult to open Profound Entrances postnatal. Extremely advanced miraculous medicine, chance, and luck; not even one of these factors could be absent. Using external forces to open Profound Entrances would be accompanied by extremely high risks; that even the slightest mistake would cause irreparable damage to the Profound Veins.

Blood Essence Edit

Burning your blood essence is not something most people will do, mainly only in a true life or death situation, because damage to blood essence is almost impossible to recover. After using Blood Essence, one's profound strength would most definitely drop by a huge amount. And their Cultivation Realms could even drop, and would be unable to return to their previous Cultivation Realms. Using Blood Essence would exhaust one's life and potential.

Profound Arts and Skills Edit

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Profound Arts are the main arts that people cultivate while Profound Skills are the skills that can be utilized when a Profound Art has been cultivated to a certain degree. (Example: World Ode of the Phoenix is a Profound Art while Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing is a Profound Skill from World Ode of the Phoenix)

Beast Cores Edit

Beasts are animals capable of cultivation. Some are innately magical and simply grow stronger over time, while others must actively practice a cultivation method. They tend to be much more intelligent than mundane animals, and some are capable of speaking in human languages. Beasts which have reached a high stage of cultivation may even be able to take on a human form.

These Beasts often possess a Core within their bodies which contains their profound energy and essence (basically “lifeblood/lifeforce”). Cultivators highly prize these Cores and hunt the Beasts to obtain them. The Cores are generally either sold for money, used to craft items, or consumed by a cultivator to boost their cultivation.

Laws Edit

Suppressing one another, complementing one another, engendering one another… these are the most basic natural laws of primordial chaos.
  • Space - Unknown
  • Time - Unknown
  • Darkness - Unknown
  • Light - Unknown
  • Fire - The Fire Laws of the world represents many things; Nirvana, Destruction and Purification.
  • Water - The Water Laws focuses on control.
  • Wind - The Wind Laws focuses on speed.
  • Earth - The Earth Laws focuses on defense.
  • Lightning - The Lightning Laws is considered the strongest nature law along with the Fire Laws.

Profound Way Edit

Sword Path Edit

  • Heavy Sword - The heavy sword uses overbearingness as its principle. It is mostly used to fight against groups of people, cultivators who focuses on the Heavy Sword Path needs to have a really strong body and physical strength so they can properly wield the sword, some of them are strong enough to wield the Heavy Sword like a Light Sword.
  • Light Sword -

Spear Path Edit

The cultivators who focuses on the spear path pursues speed and agility, most of them cultivates wind arts to improve their performance.

Trivia Edit

  • Profound Practitioners can clean themselves with profound strength.