The Demon Emperor's Seal is a seal the symbolizes the Ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm. Its shape is a small jade seal with a three legged fiery bird carved at the top. The seal glowed with a fiery red hot aura[1]. It is the most important item to the Demon Emperor. Every one thousand years, a new Demon Emperor is supposed to ascend the throne and must use the seal to obtain the Golden Crow's Legacy, Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. The seal is used open the special area where the Golden Crow spirit resides within Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. The divine profound art Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World cannot be taught to others, which is why each successive emperor must use the seal to meet the Golden Crow Divine Spirit and receive its legacy directly.

History Edit

The Demon Emperor gave the Seal to Yun Canghai for safekeeping. Unless the emperor was really dead, the seal could not be given to anybody else, even the emperor's child. Nobody saw the Demon Emperor die, only assuming he died in the Profound Sky Continent. This is why Yun Canghai went there to look for the Demon Emperor[2].

The seal was lost for 100 years until the Hundred Year Reign Ceremony when Yun Che brought it back after he received it from Yun Canghai before his death. He return it to Huan Caiyi[1]. Duke Ming stole the seal from Huan Caiyi to prevent her from escaping using the secret blood escape[3].

Trivia Edit

  • The item is created by the Golden Crow spirit an is linked to the Demon Emperor's bloodline. When the Demon Emperor's bloodline dies, it will disappear[4].
  • It has a special ability that protects those with the Demon Emperor's blood, allowing them to use a blood escape technique to escape from life-threatening situations[3].
  • It can forcefully remove the barrier around the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley for a short duration.