In the Profound Sky Continent and Azure Cloud Continent, humans and beasts were in the majority, and item spirits and sword spirits could barely be considered low class spirits. Other races such as demons and fairies were commonly talked about and yet rarely appeared. The reason why demons and fairies were mentioned in Profound Sky Continent was not because of the continent itself but because of the secretive and remote Illusory Demon Realm. From the bits and pieces of rumors, not only did fairies and demons exist within Illusory Demon Realm, they were the majority of the population there.

Within the chaotic dimensions, demons became a massive race that was no smaller than the human race. In those many worlds, there isn’t much of a different between demons and humans, as they have the ability to transform into humans.

Classification Edit

Demonic Beasts Edit

Demonic Beasts are beasts and they can transform into humans. Their intelligence are equal if not surpasses that of most human beings. A normal beast that wants to become a demonic beast requires a long time in cultivation and a lucky opportunity. Thereafter, their descendants would be born with complete demonic powers. Therefore, after countless years of reproduction and an inheritance that would not be lost.

Demonic Spirits Edit

Demonic Flowers are flowers and plants, trees and wood, the boundless spirits and animals that exist in the world gain spiritual insight upon a lucky opportunity which then allow them to become demons, and such demonic powers could be passed on through inheritance.

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