The Devil Race is an ancient race that ruled half the universe (Northern half) along with the God Race (who ruled the Southern half). While there were mutual hostilities, both sides rarely interacted with each other. It could be said they were living in peace by ignoring each other's existence.

When gods fall and leave behind their inheritance, their left behind blood essence or soul fragments will receive protection and affection from the natural world. But it's different for devils, whatever they leave behind will slowly be extinguished by the natural world because their yin energy generally gets rejected.

Shortly after the demise of the gods, there indeed were inheritors of the devil race, but those demonic energy will soon be exhausted and purified by the natural world after a couple of generations.

With the emergence of the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, which lead both races to war with one another in the war of the God and Devil Race. This war lead to the extinction of both races.

Darkness Energy Edit

Darkness profound energy is basically the energy of the devil way. Not only is it in opposition to the divine way, it will twist one’s personality. Rumor has it that the stronger a devil is, the more evil deeds they have done, and the more lives they have taken, causing them to become extraordinary fearsome devils.[1]

Known Members Edit

The Fours Devil Emperor

Devil Kings

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