The Divine Phoenix Army is the army of the Divine Phoenix Empire. Among the three great commanders of the Divine Phoenix Army, only Feng Huwei was from the Divine Phoenix Sect. But within every army, there would be a “supervisor” from the Divine Phoenix Sect. And within the core army, there would be two elder-class individuals to supervise it. They would normally not take any action, however. As elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect and as powerful Overlords who looked down on everything under heaven, they were not suited to act in this kind of battle. Furthermore, they disdained to take such actions as well. Their duties were to observe the movements and developments of the army and to personally report back to Divine Phoenix Sect Master, Feng Hengkong.





Divine Phoenix Empire vs Blue Wind NationEdit

Because of the death of their Phoenix God Feng Hengkong decided to invade Blue Wind Nation for their hidden Purple Crystal Mine so they can avoid being attacked by the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

Siege of Blue Wine Imperial CityEdit