Divine Phoenix Empire is one of the seven major nations on the Profound Sky Continent. It is the most powerful nation due to its Divine Phoenix bloodline which they received from the 'Divine Phoenix God' which was soul fragment left by the Phoenix, a primordial divine beast, to pass on its legacy. The empire is closely intertwined with the Divine Phoenix Sect. The royal family also leads the sect. The imperial capital is Divine Phoenix City.

History Edit

The Divine Phoenix Empire used to be called the Grand Asura Kingdom but after the Divine Phoenix Sect rose to power and provided support for the new Imperial Family, even the name of the empire had been changed to Divine Phoenix Empire. [1] Therefore the Phoenix bloodline is the sole symbol of the Divine Phoenix Empire so they hold it in their bloodline in very high regard to where; they will absolutely not let any outsiders have it, which is one of the several reasons why they have enmity with Yun Che. The current emperor is also the sect leader of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

After the Primordial Profound Ark the Divine Phoenix God left an illusion as the last line of defense to make the Four Great Sacred Grounds from attacking them. With the mind set that the information that the Divine Phoenix God really is dead will be leaked they decided to attack and seize Blue Wind Nations hidden Purple Crystal Mine.

After not being able to take control of the Blue Wind Empire after three years they make a last push to take Blue Wind Imperial City but as they are about to conquer it Yun Che shows up and wipes out the main army and then later a Sovereign Xia Yuanba wipes out the scouting army.

Imperial Family Edit

Emperor Edit

  • Feng Hengkong - has 16 children amounting to 15 sons and 1 daughter

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Divine Phoenix CityEdit

Outside Divine Phoenix City Edit

  • Phoenix Mountain Range - a place for Divine Phoenix Sect disciples to train. Has the Great Phoenix Formation that only people with the Phoenix bloodline can enter
  • Absolute Phoenix Cliff - South of Phoenix Perching Valley
  • Phoenix Perching Valley - The place where Feng Xue'er stays

Trivia Edit

  • All of Feng Xue's brothers are crazily in love with her.