The Elf Clan is one of the powerful forces on the Illusory Demon Realm. For some reason they have the surname Under Heaven, then numbers (i.e Number One Under Heaven) as their names.

The Elf clan’s profound energy possess innate natural energy, which is beneficial for self-recovery and when treating others. Because of this, the elf clan is well liked by other clans. Furthermore, because of the nature energy, the males of the elf clan are handsome while the females are beautiful.

They have a decent relationship with the Yun Family because Greatest Ambition Under Heaven owes a great favor to the Demon King Yun Canghai. But after his disappearance and disorder started, their relationship has cooled off.

After Xiao Yun was bestowed Kingship by the Little Demon Empress he and Number Seven Under Heaven became engaged and later married.

Under Heaven Family Edit

Patriarch Edit

Young Patriarch Edit

Children of the PatriarchEdit

Others Edit

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