During the Primordial Era, there existed a true god known as the “Evil God”. He was the last True God who remained until his death which spelled the end of the Divine Era. Before the Evil God’s death, he left a droplet of immortal blood that embodied his source of power.


Nothing is known about his earlier life. From the inheritance that Jasmine got from the Evil God, she knew the Evil God caught the poison from the Evil Embryo Eternal Tribulation Wheel, during the war from the God and Devil Race, and in his dying state, he decided to leave behind his inheritance.

The Evil God is born from one of the 8 Fragments from the First Ancestor God at her Death, he is one of the 4 Fragment born in the Gods territory.

At his Birth, he was called a Creation God but after the death of his wife Devil Emperor Jie Tian, one of the 4 Devil Emperor and the beginning of the hatred between the God and the Devil, he changed his name to the Evil God. He was born with the Peak Element Strength.

He created the Evil God's Secret Art and his True Power is the Spirit Evil Body.

At the end of Primordial Era, he sealed Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign and Evil Infant Wheel of Myrad Calamities in Blue Pole Star. He also brings many treasure to Blue Pole Star. And for unknown reason put many ancient Devil Beast at the buttom of Cloud's End Cliff.

At the end of his life, because he worried arrival of "that day", he left the only/last hope and sacrifice 600.000 years of his remaining life to create own source of strenght called The Evil God Indestructible Blood for later generations. And because of this, several people who know this fact called him "Greatest Divine Spirit.


Main Article: Evil God Legacy

Before the Evil God perished he left a drop of immortal blood that embodied his source of power and left a memory imprint in explaining everything about what comes with accepting his Legacy. Once accepting the Legacy your current profound veins will be destroyed and rebuilt with the profound veins of the Evil God, meaning you will lose your past cultivation, starting over. But once the profound veins are rebuilt and all profound entrances are open you will have the seven gates of the Berserk Attribute that allows the use of the Evil God Secret Arts. You will also be able to use the Evil God Seeds once you have located them.

Quotes Edit

In the distant past, it is said that the Evil God possessed the most formidable of elemental power within the Spatial Chaos. With only his profound strength, he had the ability to manipulate the elements in the natural world at will; and even so much that it was possible to change his profound energy into any kind of element at any time. In the memory imprint of that immortal drop of blood, it was clearly recorded that the five seeds the Evil God had left behind contained the “power source” of his formidable power over the elements. In the event that these sources of power were to be obtained, not only would one be able to manipulate the corresponding element, but would furthermore have the ability to be unconditionally immune to said element.

— Jasmine

The Evil God does not align with any of the elements, for he is actually the nemesis of all the elements. But no one can compare to the Evil God in terms of familiarity and capability in wielding the elements. If you somehow manage to completely inherit the Evil God’s powers, then not only fire, even water, wind, thunder, earth, domain, dimension, spirit… would all be subdued by you, and would never be able to bring you harm.

— Phoenix

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