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The Evil God does not align with any of the elements, for he is actually the nemesis of all the elements. But no one can compare to the Evil God in terms of familiarity and capability in wielding the elements. If you somehow manage to completely inherit the Evil God’s powers, then not only fire, even water, wind, thunder, earth, domain, dimension, spirit… would all be subdued by you, and would never be able to bring you harm.

— Phoenix Spirit

The Evil God Legacy is the Legacy left behind by one of the most powerful True Gods from the Primordial Era, the Evil God. Before his death he left a drop of his immortal blood the embodies his source of power. This drop of blood was later fought over by everyone in the Realm of Gods where eventually it was taken by Jasmine who in the process was poisoned. Later after Jasmine saw the Soul Imprint that the Evil God left for his successor and learned that it would destroy and build new Profound veins of the Evil God; thus in the process losing all her current cultivation which she couldn't accept, gave it to the crippled Yun Che whose life she had became tied to due to the Sky Poison Pearl.

Legacy Edit

Before the Evil God perished he left a drop of immortal blood that embodied his source of power and left a memory imprint in explaining everything about what comes with accepting his Legacy. Once accepting the Legacy your current profound veins will be destroyed and rebuilt with the profound veins of the Evil God, meaning you will lose your past cultivation, starting over. But once the profound veins are rebuilt and all profound entrances are open you will have the seven gates of the Berserk Attribute that allows the use of the Evil God Secret Arts. You will also be able to use the Evil God Seeds once you have located them.

Complete Inheritor Edit

There can be only one inheritor as the Evil God only left one drop of immortal blood.

Evil God's Profound VeinsEdit

Once the inheritor receives the Immortal Blood of the Evil God it will automatically destroy the current Profound Veins (and erase all your current Profound Strength) and rebuild a new set of Profound Veins, the Evil Gods Profound Veins.

At first sight the Evil God Profound Veins are exactly like normal Profound Veins, and their true strength does not appear until either all Profound Entrances are open which will grant the use of the Seven Gates or until you acquire one of the Evil God Seeds which grant complete immunity to the corresponding element.

Evil God Seeds Edit

Five Evil Gods seeds are spread through Evil God’s Five Secret Grounds that correspond to the five main elements. Only those who had inherited his power would be able to find them. Each Seed will transform his body into a Spirit Evil Body that allows for complete control, absolute immunity, and increased affinity to the corresponding elements. Contrary to what was believed by powerful figures such as Jasmine and the Golden Crow Spirit, there was a sixth and seventh Evil God seed containing the element of darkness and Light.

Evil God Secret Arts Edit

Only someone who has the power of the Evil God can use these arts because it requires the Profound Veins of the Evil God. Another name for the secret arts is The Seven Gates. The inheritor gains access to The Seven Gates by opening all 54 Profound Entrances. With all Profound Entrances open, that person will have seven additional imprints in their profound veins arranged in the Seven Stars of the Ursa Major.[1]

The gates and secret arts can automatically be used as they do not require cultivating. The Evil God’s Secret Arts highest realm is when all the seven gates open. The attribute of the Evil God’s Secret Arts abilities are classified as “Berserk”. Opening each gate would increase the power of the user but also increase the stress on the body. If the body cannot handle the realm, then the profound veins would explode and the body would disintegrate, resulting in death.[1]

Berserk Attribute Edit

“Evil God Secret Art’s nature, is precisely "Berserk" The first realm’s Evil Soul, can make your profound energy instantly increase two to three-fold; the second realm’s Burning Heart, can make your profound energy increase by three to four-fold; the third realm’s Purgatory, can increase it by four to five times; the fourth realm’s Rumbling Heaven, can increase it by five to six times. The fifth realm’s Hades, can increase it by six to seven times.[2]

Seven Gates Edit

In Yun Che's Profound Veins appeared seven extra imprints similar to profound entrances; It is aligned in the arrangement of the Seven Stars of the Ursa Major. Those are used to activate the Seven Realms of Evil God’s Secret Arts: The Seven Gates and their corresponding Profound Skills.

Element Immunity Edit

The reason about why Yun Che can still be harmed when someone with elemental arts attacks him is because, although he can block the entire elemental attack, he cannot block the profound strength behind it.