Extreme Mirage Lightning is the Hua Family’s hereditary movement skill[1].

To the Hua Family it was considered a taboo to give Extreme Mirage Lightning to anyone else except the direct inheritor. But to get Yun Che as his ally to help take care of Sun Moon Divine Hall and for healing his wife, Hua Minghai gave a copy to Yun Che.

Parts Edit

  1. Hidden Flowing Lightning
    • It allows the user to suppress his profound energy aura within a range determined by the user, and it also allowed the user to display a profound energy that would seem far weaker than it actually was. But when Hidden Flowing Lightning has been cultivated to its peak, it would allow the user to perfectly conceal his presence, to the point where even individuals who were far stronger than him would have extreme difficulty detecting[2].
  1. Extreme Mirage Lightning
    • A movement skill that even gods and devils could not fathom. It would allow the user to outrun opponents that are realms above their own.


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