Feng Qianhui was the Frozen Cloud Asgard Grand Mistress.[1]

Appearance Edit

She was a woman with a calm expression and long hair who was half-white.

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Plotline Edit

She was interested in Yun Che's talent and character and allowed Yun Che to be the first male disciple in the history of Frozen Cloud Asgard.[2] She specifically wanted additional help in protecting the sect against prophesied "1000 year calamity" that would face the sect after its founding.[3]

She tried to defend Frozen Cloud Asgard when Ye Xinghan's lackeys came to kidnap Xia Qingyue.[4] Two of the enemies were of the Tyrant Profound Realm and she suffered fatal wounds.[5] She was able to activate the Snow Goddess’ Veil to protect the sect for a short while and also the Jewel of Icy Song to request aid from Heavenly Sword Villa before she died. However, the request was ignored by Ling Yuefeng.[6]