Amongst profound beasts, the Fierce Storm Hawk’s strength was akin to that of a practitioner at the second level of the Spirit Profound Realm. However, its strongest aspect wasn’t its aggressive nature but rather its air dominating abilities. Whether its flight speed or altitude, no other creature could best it even in the Spirit Profound domain, or even the Earth Profound and Sky Profound Realm.

Known Mounts Edit

Some people will capture wild Fierce Storm Hawks young and rear them into mounts.

  • Xiao Zaihe - A member of the New Moon City's Xiao Branch Sect.

Others Seen Edit

While Yun Che was in the Wasteland of Death a wild Fierce Storm Hawk attacked him and ended up realizing it couldn't defeat him so it ran whereupon it ended up accidentally took the Mirror of Samsara, leading to Yun Che begging Chu Yuechan into chasing it, which brought them to the two Flood Dragons, leading to Chu Yuechan becoming crippled.