Frozen Cloud Arts is what every disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard cultivates as Frozen End Divine Arts is impossible for normal disciples to comprehend. Frozen Cloud Arts leans towards Yin and is easier for females to cultivate. The rumor that love between males and females will obstruct Frozen Cloud Art’s cultivation is false. The secret that the Frozen Cloud Art could be inherited through virgin vital yin is the main reason why no male disciples are taken.[1]

The Frozen Cloud Arts were self-created after Mu Bingyun remembered that normal people couldn't cultivate the Frozen End Divine Arts.[2]

The unique feature of the Frozen Cloud Art is that it also refines the body and features of the cultivator. The art makes the cultivator's skin be like ice jade and soft resin. Their features would become flawless. Cultivating from childhood only amplifies these effects. Frozen Cloud Asgard women are all beauties that could ruin cities because of this[3].


  • Frozen Cloud Barrier
  • Frozen Heaven Coffin - The strongest sealing skill of Frozen Cloud Asgard
  • Fourth Stage - Ice Lotus Realm
  • Sixth Stage - Realm of Heavenly Snow Invocation
  • Seventh Stage - Ice Body Jade Bones
  • Eighth Stage - Frozen Snow Dance Steps[4]

Other Edit

  • Frozen Cloud Ultimate Skill: Ode of the Crescent Moon
  • Frozen Cloud Forbidden Technique: Zeroth Aurora
  • Frozen Cloud Domain
  • Frozen Cloud Wall - Forms a light-blue translucent barrier that suppresses aura[5]


  • Yun Che was the first man to ever learn Frozen Cloud Arts.