Frozen Cloud Asgard is one one of the four major sects within the Blue Wind Empire. In the past it was second to Heavenly Sword Villa, but with Yun Che becoming the Asgard Master and him strengthening the disciples with the Overlord Pellet and the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins it has surpassed the Heavenly Sword Villa.

It's located in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, the extreme north of the Blue Wind Empire. In the past, their ancestor Mu Bingyun, was saved by the Eternal Night Queen of the Eternal Night Royal Family, one of the Five Great Sacred Grounds, she held her and her clan in a very high esteem. But when the Eternal Night Royal Family was plotted against by the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region she didn't have the power to help, and eventually they where exterminated, causing great enmity between Frozen Cloud Asgard and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.[1]

Frozen Cloud Asgard has the potential to become the next Sacred Ground.

Before going to the Realm of Gods along with Mu Bingyun, Yun Che passed on the title of Asgard Mistress to Murong Qianxue.[2]


The sect was created by Mu Bingyun 1000 years go when she arrived at Blue Pole Star by chance, poisoned by a severe toxin which caused her to lose her memory and strength. While recovering, she built Frozen Cloud Asgard and the Snow Region of Extreme Ice.

Mu Bingyun took in ill-fated girls who had nowhere else to go as disciples. When she regained her strength and memory, she passed her position down to the second Asgard Mistress, named Qu Aiyin[3].

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Profound Arts that every disciple learns.


Profound Arts that are not used by every disciple.

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  • Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon - Sky Profound Weapon

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  • Yun Che was originally the first male disciple. But when Sun Moon Divine Hall attacked Frozen Cloud Asgard and Gong Yuxian died she passed leadership over to Yun Che, making him the first male Asgard Master.
  • For the time being, Yun Che has become like a God in the eyes of the entire Frozen Cloud Ladies, and they have feelings of a kind they have never felt with the former Frozen Cloud Asgard mistresses.

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