Frozen End Divine Arts is a Profound Art that originates from the Ice Phoenix and like the World Ode of the Phoenix, it requires its bloodline in order to utilize Frozen End Divine Arts, with the only exception being Yun Che and Xia Qingyue because of their unique physiques. This technique has a special relation to the Snow Song Realm in the Realm of Gods. [1]

It is capable of freezing other peoples profound energy that has been used; most ice profound arts aren't capable of doing that.


  • First-Third Stage - Ice Spirit / Frozen End Illusory Mirror / Builds the Foundation for the profound art
  • Fourth Stage - Tree of Frozen End
  • Fifth Stage - Frozen End Illusory Aurora
  • Sixth Stage - Frozen End Heart Seal

Unknown StagesEdit

  • Frozen End Profound Seal

Special Edit

  • Ice Flame
    • Created by Yun Che when he merged the Phoenix Flame and Frozen End Divine Arts together. Since it was thought to be impossible ice and fire being polar opposites it is fundamentally impossible for anyone else other than Yun Che who can use it as he has the Water and Fire Evil God Seeds.


  1. Chapter 667

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