The Golden Crow also known as the 'Sun Bird'. Legends say that it is an extreme divine being birthed from the sun’s core; the Golden Crow is one of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts. Of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts its strength is ranked last, while in flame strength it is ranked first as its flame is used for utter destruction.

Because the flames of the Golden Crow are the most destructive, each inheritor of its bloodline will have their lifespan significantly reduced as the flames harm the user, with the exception of Yun Che as he has the Fire Evil God Seed, giving him the Fire Spirit Evil Body.

The Golden Crow is female. She decided that Yun Che were to be her inheritor giving him 9 drops of blood along with the rest of her soul essence, which means that remnant soul only has 10 years before dispersing.


Golden crow

What the Golden Crows true appearance may have looked like

True AppearanceEdit

The true appearance has not been seen as of yet.

Residual Soul FormEdit


Prideful and arrogant so much so that she doesn't want to coexist with the other Divine Birds, especially the Phoenix. Although it is prideful and arrogant she is not cruel as seen when she decided not to erase Yun Che's Phoenix Bloodline.


Main Article: Golden Crow Legacy

The Golden Crow left his legacy on Blue Pole Star because Blue Pole Star the seemingly insignificant planet was the first star the Evil God ever created and the Golden Crow was one of the few beings on good terms with him.

Profound ArtEdit

Golden Crow in MythologyEdit


  • The Golden Crow in Against the Gods is Female.
  • The reason that she gave Yun Che so much blood and even soul essence was because she wanted to give more than what the Phoenix gave him. (3 drops of blood along with soul essence)

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