Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is the trial grounds for the Golden Crow Legacy. The elemental aura around Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is dense and its surroundings contain the strength of powerful flames and thunderclouds, which led to the constant growth of strong fire spirits, lightning spirits, and other fire and lightning type demons. Also, certain rare materials and treasures are also easily found.[1]

The seal on the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley opens every five years and the ones allowed to enter are the Illusory Demon Royal Family and the Twelve Guardian Families. Entering the valley is a good experience for young practitioners and some may encounter fortunes that help them rapidly increase their strength.[1]

The Golden Crow spirit resides in the depths of the valley in a place called the 'Golden Crow's Holy Land'. It can only be entered once every thousand years and the only key to entering is the Demon Emperor’s Seal. Only the Huan Family can enter here to receive the legacy of the Golden Crow, Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World[1]. The Demon Emperor's Seal can also be used to forcibly open the valley's external seal, bypassing the five year requirement.[2]


  • The reason that there is lightning is because the remnant soul of the Golden Crow found the Evil God's Lightning Seed.
  • The Yun Family was barred from entering the valley as punishment for losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal.
  • The Valley is actually a separate dimension like the Heaven Basin Secret Realm and the "seal" over the valley is a spatial profound formation that sends people to a separate world.[3]
  • Surrounding the valley is one thousand five hundred kilometers of lava called the Sea of Death.[4]