Gong Yuxian was the Frozen Cloud Asgard's Mistress until goons from Sun Moon Divine Hall came to take Xia Qingyue away and got injured as a result of protecting Frozen Cloud Asgard.

She picked up Chu Yuechan and Chu Yueli when they were little and raised them to what they are today, teaching them about cultivation and even thinking of them as her own daughter.


Looks to be about fourty to fifty years old.


Like all of Frozen Cloud Asgard she tries to be emotionless but at a time has loved and had her frozen emotions stirred up on several occasions.

Background Edit

Her exact background is unknown, except that she used to have a lover who had thawed her frozen and sealed heart with his thoroughly genuine feelings, and then she experienced with him all the happiness that she never felt before. But she wasn't courageous enough so she stepped back from the relationship, broke her ties with him, and never saw each other again. Afterwards, she found his ice-cold corpse that was still releasing an aura of sorrow at the extreme border of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, where they had met for the first time. [1]


She is first seen after Chu Yuechan and company return from the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament after news that Chu Yuechan was pregnant has spread. She ends up expelling Chu Yuechan from Frozen Cloud Asgard for breaking the sect rules. [2]

Later when Yun Che gets out of the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation and hears of how Chu Yuechan was pregnant with his child he rushes to Frozen Cloud Asagard and ends up destroying the Grand Asgard Defending Formation and the gate, and finds out from Chu Yueli that Chu Yuechan had to cripple her Profound Arts along with leave Frozen Cloud Asgard. He starts to rage and calls out Gong Yuxian as she is the only one who could kick Chu Yuechan out of the sect.

After stopping Yun Che's rampage and the verbal abuse about Frozen Cloud Asgard they both start fighting. At first either one of them don't have the advantage over the other until eventually she uses Frozen Heaven Coffin, which she thinks would seal Yun Che for awhile but he breaks out in no time and uses Sky Wolf Slash to injure her, before stopping and eventually leaving.

References Edit

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