Su Ling'ers clan that is situated at the bottom of the Grandwake Mountain in the Supwake Country of the Azure Cloud Continent . In the East of the Supwake Country’s river, the Grandwake Clan is the number one sect, as well as the biggest power. Their power is higher than New Moon City's Xiao Sect's Branch Sect but not as strong as the Four Major Sects. They relied on Grandwake Mountain for its incredibly generous amounts of natural resources and minerals. They are enemies with Blackwood Stronghold.

Yun Che first visits the Grandwake Clan when he went to the Azure Cloud Continent via the Evil God's water seed power. He estimated that the clan could have a few tens of thousands of disciples based on its size.[1]

Later in the story, members of the Grandwake Clan lead by Su Haoran staged a coup with the help of the Seven Stars Divine Palace and locked up the sect master. The ancestor of the Grandwake Clan had saved a mysterious stranger who then gifted the Coiling Dragon Feeler to the clan ancestor. The Seven Stars Divine Palace sought this item as a material for the Seven Stars Heaven Crossing Pellet. This pellet is similar to the Overlord Pellet and allows someone at the peak of Emperor profound to breakthrough. Su Haoran revealed the existence of the Coiling Dragon Feeler to the Seven Stars Divine Palace to curry their favor and overthrow Su Hengshan. Many disciples were scared by the power of the Seven Stars Divine Palace and joined the coup. Those who did not were murdered.

Yun Che intervened and all participants of the coup were banished from the Grandwake Clan. Since the clan only had the sect master and Su Ling'er left and they both went to the Illusory Demon Realm with Yun Che, the sect has effectively disbanded.

Members Edit

Sect Master Edit

Grand Elder Edit

  • Su Wangji - Highest seniority after the sect master. (Coup participant)

Others Edit

  • Su Ling'er - 10 year old Su Ling'er; Yun Che's greatest love from his second life. (Yun Che Current Fiancée)
  • Su Haoran - Su Hengshans son (Coup leader)
  • Su Hengyue - Su Hengshan second brother (Coup participant)
  • Su Haoyu - Su Hengyue's son
  • Yun Che - Joined the clan to become Su Ling'er's fiancee[2]

References Edit

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