Heaven Basin Secret Realm is a secret realm controlled by the Heavenly Sword Villa. It entrance portal is located deep within northern section of the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. No one knows where the Heaven Basin Secret Realm came from, aside from the various rumors that said it was a solitary domain opened by a super strong practitioner who had reached at least the Sovereign Profound Realm, who brought it to the Blue Wind Empire for unknown reasons. It contains innumerable resources and treasures and at the same time, it also contains immeasurable danger. The realm is immeasurably huge. Nobody has been able to travel to the end. The environment also changes every time the realm is opened.

The villa has unknown methods of detecting when the basin portal will open. It opens once every 3 years. Before it would open up every ten years but eventually dropped down to five years until dropping to the current three. The basic can only take at most fifty people at a time. The top ten ranking sects in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament get to explore it with five people per sect. When opened, the portal remains for seven and a half minutes. People can only explore the realm for two days, after which everybody will be teleported out against their will. If they are dead, they will remain in the realm.[1]

Treasures Edit