It is rank first among the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures. The Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword is created at the beginning of Hongmeng with the most core and primordial energy of the universe. It's also the first sword ever created and can be considered the ancestor to all swords and weapons. In chapter 193, Pimordial Azure Dragon has spoken that "Even if it falls into the hands of a mortal, that mortal will still be able to easily slaughter True Gods and smite the Heavens!"

After the war between the Devil and God Race which lead to their extinction the location of the sword is unknown.


  1. Endo - He is the leader of the three great gods of creation, and when his life came to an end, the sword disappeared with him.


This was the first sword in creation being birthed by the universe itself. It's first owner, also the only owner recorded in history, is the leader of the three great gods of creation 'Endo'. When his life came to an end, the sword disappeared with him. Until 700,000 years later, when the sword reappeared again in the center of the universe.

After the sword reappeared it caused a war between the God Race and the Devil Race. This war eventually lead to both races extinction because the Devil Race who where being pushed into a corner used the Evil Embryo Eternal Tribulation Wheel.

Somewhere along its long history the daughter of the Primordial Azure Dragon was sealed within the sword itself.


  • Yun Che was requested by the Primordial Azure Dragon to locate this sword because his daughters soul and body are sealed within it.
  • The Evil Embryo Eternal Tribulation and the Heaven Punishing Sword are the same rank and from the same origin but one is born from the Yin energy and the other from the Yang energy.

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