Right now, I’m hungry again. That thing called farmer faulty earlier, there still seems to be half of it. Can I eat it now?

— Hong'er to Yun Che

Hong'er is said to be from the Celestial Spirit race but has different characteristics than them, as when she transforms into her sword form she is a huge and heavy, heavy sword while all other celestial spirits are agile blades.

Background Edit

A Celestial Spirit from the Ancient Era. She was within the giant Ancient Fortress that was within the Primordial Profound Ark, and latter found out she can transform into a gigantic sword called the Heaven Defying Devil Slayer Sword.

She was poisoned by a devilish poison that was pretty ferocious as it needed the Sky Poison Pearl to detoxify it, so in the mean time she was kept in stasis within the Coffin of Eternity by her guardian to keep the poison form spreading further throughout her body, but due to the poison affecting her soul she lost all of her memories and 'cultivation' she had previously from eating swords.

Her origins is unknown but she was picked up by the King of the Sword Spirit God Clan.

Appearance Edit

A petite little girl she had long hair that reached all the way to her lower back and was bright red; ruby-like sparkling red hair instead of fiery red. A face that seemed like it was carved from jade. Within its perfection, there was a immaturity that only a child would possess. A cute exquisite nose that pointed upwards and watery tender lips, and below her similarly red eyelashes were eyes that anyone would believe to be a pair of star-like eyes if she opened them.

History Edit

Characteristics Edit

  • Can transform into a heavy sword
  • Loves to eat weapons
    • Upon eating weapons she will absorb a portion of the sword strength and sword spirit, and her strength will increase by a bit. The stronger the sword she consumes, the more she will grow.
  • Hates human food
  • Lost her memories
  • Doesn't like to be called 'little girl'
  • Calls Dragon Fault 'farmer faulty'

Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer SwordEdit

Weight Edit

Hong'er being able to eat swords and get more powerful the more she eats the weight of her sword form becomes heavier and heavier.

Appearance Edit

The entire sword was completely crimson red in color. The blade was filled with rows of messy deep-red inscriptions, and an extremely light layer of obscure red glow was enveloping it as well. The length of the blade was more than nine feet. The sword of the hilt was straight and bulky, and above the hilt, the base of the blade was shockingly more than two feet in width. Moving up the blade, the width of the blade irregularly shrank, and at the end of the blade, it had already shrank into an incomparably sharp tip, radiating with a cold, crimson red light!

Quotes Edit

Where do you feel weird? I don’t know, I just feel weird. Ugh, I seem to like you more! Being liked by a super beauty like me, do you feel happy?
— Hong'er to Yun Che after the use of Soul Star Relegation

Twenty seconds, and I’m not allowed to resist? Ehhh!? Could it be... you’re trying to molest me? No, no, no! I’m a little beautiful lady with the purest body, I don’t want to be molested at all.
— Hong'er's naivety

Super…. big pervert? What is that? Can it be eaten?
— Hong'er

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