Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins is something that is achieved when all 54 profound entrances are opened. Having these veins means that the person's speed of profound cultivation and profound strength activation are increased greatly. There would be no limit to any profound skill practiced and they will never hit a bottleneck in profound strength.

In the Profound Sky Continent, these veins have never been seem before because a person will naturally have a large amount of profound entrances blocked at birth. It is extremely difficult to open profound entrances. Most cultivators can open 2 to 4 profound entrances on their own in their entire life, while even the most genius of doctors can at most open up to 5.

Yun Che can impart the most superior version of the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins due to the power of the Sky Poison Pearl. The heavenly artifact not only opens the profound entrance but also completely purifies it, making the profound strength of the owner impeccably pristine.[1]

Known Bearers

  1. Yun Che
  2. Xia Qingyue
  3. Murong Qianxue
  4. Jun Lianqie
  5. Mu Lanyi
  6. Chu Yueli
  7. Feng Hanyue
  8. Feng Hanxue


  • All the disciples from Frozen Cloud Asgard now possess these veins after Yun Che became Asgard Master. It was part of his plan to grope all the women in the sect.[2]
  • People in the god realm have the ability to open all 54 profound entrances but it would take years.[1]
  • Yun Che claimed his medical knowledge allows him to open all 54 entrances without using the Sky Poison Pearl.[3]