Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins is something that is achieved when all 54 profound entrances are opened. It is extremely rare to see since most cultivators can open 2 to 4 profound entrances on their own in their entire life, while even the most genius of doctors can at most open up to 5. The only exception is Yun Che, who is able to open all closed profound entrances. He is able to due this impart of his medical knowledge and with the help of the detoxifying effect of the Sky Poison Pearl. (Yun Che has said that even with out the help of the Sky Poison Pearl he, with the right medicine, could still open all profound entrances.)

Known UsersEdit

  1. Yun Che
  2. Xia Qingyue
  3. Murong Qianxue
  4. Jun Lianqie
  5. Mu Lanyi
  6. Chu Yueli
  7. Feng Hanyue
  8. Feng Hanxue

Trivia Edit

  • All the females that Yun Che gave Heavenly Gods Spiritual Veins to have been taken advantage of by him.

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