The Sky Poison Pearl (a.k.a Heavenly Poison Pearl) is one of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures with its rank being fifth. The Sky Poison Pearl's capabilities are centered around poison, medicine, purification and space. Its current owner is Yun Che and it has, due to the Mirror of Samsara, completely merged with Yun Che's left hand.




  • Yun Che - Medical side currently merged with his left hand because of the Mirror of Samsara
  • Poison side currently merged with his right hand thanks to Yun Gu who had the other side.



  • Complete detoxification of any poison - How fast a poison will be detoxified depends on how potent it is.
  • Infinite inner storage space.
  • Locate rare medical plants/herbs that is nearby.
  • Perfect refining of medicinal ingredients.
  • Poison. Its poison is called as Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison.

Lost Capabilities

  • None

Seen Uses





  • Keeping alcohol inside to avoid drinking it [4]


  • Yun Che killed over 7.7 million people in a day with its poisonous AOE. [ch 54]
  • If the Sky Poison Pearl is used with the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Calamities, it will give birth to the World Destroying Poison: Life Extinguishing Myriad Calamities.


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