Heavenly Sword Villa is the most powerful of the Four Major Sects in the Blue Wind Empire. Its strength surpasses the other three sects combined.

The villa is situated within the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. The mountains lie within the borders of the Blue Wind Empire but the land was gifted to the villa and is solely controlled by the villa. The entire villa stretches for more than twenty five kilometers and is the size of a small city[1].

The Blue Wind Ranking Tournament that Yun Che attended was held at this villa.

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Its origin comes from the sacred ground Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. The founder of the Heavenly Sword Villa, was also the oldest son of a certain senior practitioner of the Sovereign Profound Realm. But because his aptitude was too poor, he had no qualifications to stay in the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. As a result, he was expelled, and later on established the Heavenly Sword Villa. The sword arts that the Heaven Sword Villa uses, also possesses a shadow of the ‘Mighty Heavenly Sword Arts’.

The history of Heavenly Sword Villa and Blue Wind Empire are closely connected. They were established on the same day of the same year. The ancestor of the Blue Wind Empire and the founder of the Heavenly Sword Villa were like blood brothers. After the Blue Wind Imperial Family came into power, they continuously supported the Heavenly Sword Villa until it became Blue Wind Empire’s number one sect. In return the Heavenly Sword Villa has always existed as the guardians of the imperial family. Through the passage of time, the relationship between the imperial family and Heavenly Sword Villa has gradually become distant. However, the agreement still remains that the sect will protect against threats to the imperial family[2].

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Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation Edit

This was the formation that was used to seal the ''Demon". The Mighty Heavenly Sword Region has to send someone over every twenty years to reinforce the formation.

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