Big brother, could you be the legendary Big Baddie? Wahhhhhh… Baddie don’t eat me! I’m just a small beautiful young lady, not tasty at all. Eat me when I’m grown up, okay?
Hong'er meets Yun Che after awaking from his sleep [1]
Super…. big pervert? What is that? Can it be eaten?
Where do you feel weird? I don’t know, I just feel weird. Ugh, I seem to like you more! Being liked by a super beauty like me, do you feel happy?
Hong'er to Yun Che after the use of Soul Star Relegation [3]

Twenty seconds, and I’m not allowed to resist? Ehhh!? Could it be... you’re trying to molest me? No, no, no! I’m a little beautiful lady with the purest body, I don’t want to be molested at all.
Hong'er's naivety [4]
Mm… this is really delicious… I’ve nearly finished eating it, so there will be nothing I can do even if you pester me about it… Hmph, so Master was hiding something so delicious all along