Yun CheEdit

Yun Che is her master due to the contract seal from Soul Star Relegation. Hong'er lost all her memories and Yun Che was the first one she saw after waking up so subconsciously Hong'er is very close to Yun Che. She promised to listen to Yun Che on the conditions that he needs to play with her, feed her tasty food everyday, and he can't abandon her.[1]

She is usually obedient but she will not listen to Yun Che if she founds something tasty to eat but Yun Che doesn't want her to eat it.[2]


She considers Jasmine as her big sister and listens to her. Jasmine would often play with her and feed her tasty crystals or swords while in the Sky Poison Pearl, making her very obedient to Jasmine.[3]