The unknown girl in the abyss.

Appearance Edit

Her galactic bright silver hair clung to her delicate body and hung all the way down. A long section of it dragged on the ice cold floor. The hair in front of her forehead danced even though there was no wind, complementing her white jade-like tender looks.

Her body was covered with a white glow and beneath the glow, it seemed as though she was not wearing any garments. Her delicate white legs, however, were not covered by the white glow and were completely exposed. Her tender feet that resembled ice lotuses hung in the air and each snow white toe of hers glistened as though she were carved from jade.

Personality Edit

Calm and indifferent.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance, besides her hair and eyes, is much like Hong'er's.
  • She can't speak.
  • Yun Che seems to be an important person to her.
  • She can summon Hong'er from Yun Che's hand.
  • Although she is in a soul body, Hong'er can touch her.
  • She and Hong'er seems to have a mysterious connection.