Hua Minghai (花洺海) is a minor character in Against the Gods. He was first introduced as an unnamed thief that stole from the Divine Phoenix Empire and was able to escape.

Later he tried to steal Phoenix Helianthus from Yun Che who stopped him from stealing it then stopped him from escaping; Hua Minghai knew that he would not be able to steal it started kowtowing and begging Yun Che to sell it to him. Yun Che ended up being reminded of Su Ling'er & agreed to help him cure his wife.

Background Edit

A master thief that was trying to steal Phoenix Helianthus from Yun Che in order to help his wife prolong her life whose suffering from a cold poison of the Sun Moon Divine Hall. The reason for her being poisoned is because of an ambush where his parents ultimately died to protect them.[1] The reason they where being chased by Sun Moon Divine Hall was because the Hua Family had stolen a Tyrant Profound Blade from them & they wanted their family profound movement skill the "Extreme Mirage Lightning".

Appearance Edit

As a master thief Hua Minghai takes up several different appearances.

Lady being robbed Edit

Inn Waiter Edit

Original Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

This dude is caring as fuck and have massive balls.He is willing to offend motherfuckers from big sects just to save his ass.

Lmao this dude is arrogant and funny as fuck.He told Yun Che that he is the legendary ‘Ghost Mirage Sacred Hand’, the most awesome person in all of Profound Sky Continent. Damn right he is the most awesome motherfucker in all of Profound Sky Continent.

History Edit

This dude is a beast.He escaped the pursuit of eight Overlords for seven days and seven nights without a single injury.

This dude infiltrated Divine Phoenix Empire.Aside from the Four Great Sacred Grounds and Black Moon Merchant Guild, there has never been a place this dude have not snuck into.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 409

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