If one person blocks me, this empress will kill one person! If one hundred people block me, this empress will kill one hundred people. If the entire world blocks me, this empress will baptize this world in its blood!!
Huan Caiyi crashing Duke Huai's coronation[1]
...Yun Family’s Young Patriarch Yun shall join with my Demon Emperor bloodline and marry this empress...
Huan Caiyi ordering Yun Che to marry her[2]
What about me then? When will you come back and see me again? You said you’d return shortly, but now you’ve been gone half a year, and you haven’t even sent me a single message! Are you tired of living!? Does your heart even remember me anymore!?
Huan Caiyi in the dreams of Yun Che[3]
Yun Che, the fact that I was able to become your wife near the end of my life already leaves me with boundless satisfaction and contentment. Instead of quietly waiting for death to take me, I would rather carry on the will of all the Demon Emperors who have come before me and die a glorious death in battle. To me, that would be an even better conclusion to my ending.
Don’t forget the three things that you promised us! You better repeat it in your mind every two hours!
Huan Caiyi to Yun Che before he left for the Realm of the Gods[5]