Duke Hui Ran was the eldest son of the Duke Huai and he was also the strongest out of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions.

Appearance Edit

He was a tall, muscular, young man.

Personality Edit

He had an extremely brutal and violent personality. People he faced in the past were either killed or crippled, getting a serious injury was considered getting off easy.[1]

Background Edit

His talent was exceptional, achieving the eighth level of Tyrant Profound Realm at thirty years old and equaling Yun Qinghong in his youth. His strength was due to taking an Overlord Pellet which allowed his strength to leap past his peers.[2]

Plotline Edit

He was the last person to fight against Yun Che during the Young Generation Competition. Duke Hui Ran was extremely arrogant and because Yun Che was already exhausted from his previous fights he let Yun Che attack first. Yun Che used the Dragon God Domain and the berserk power of the Evil God and his heavy sword to blow Hui Ran out of the arena, thus winning due to the rules.[1]

Their second confronation was at the entrance to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, but it wasn't a proper fight since Yun Che fooled him with the Profound Handle and rushed to the rescue of the Little Demon Empress who was besieged by Duke Ming and Duke Huai inside the valley.[3]

He fell at the hands of the Little Demon Empress, dying miserably with his brother and father-[4]

Equipment Edit

His weapons are twin meteor hammers, each weighing at least fifty thousand kilograms.[5]