Hui Ran, the eldest son of Duke Huai and the grandson of Duke Ming, he's the strongest out of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions, and he's at the 8th Tyran Proufound.

Later in the story, he fought against Yun Che during the competition held by the Little Demon Empress, he lost against Yun Che who was at the 10th Sky Proufound because he was forced 'out' of the arena, Yun Che couldn't fight him head on, and due to the difference of strentgh plus the fact that Yun che fought 5 battles before, he couldn't help but forcing him out of the arena by using the Dragon God Domain and Hung'er, their second confronation was at the entry of the Golden Crow Valley, It wasn't a proper fight since Yun Che just gave him a single strike with his sword and rushed to the rescue of the Little Demon Empress who were at the hands of Duke Ming and Duke Huai inside the valley.

He fell later at the hands of the Little Demon Empress, dying miserably with his brother and father.

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