Duke Hui Ye was a member of Duke Huai Palace and thus a part of Illusory Demon Royal Family.

He was one of the people along with Yun Xinyue that knew of the attack on Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven. He was the primary instigator in the plot to try and take over the Yun Family Patriarch position.

Apperance Edit

He has the looks of a young man in his early twenties. He looked scholarly and was dressed fully in silver, wearing a silver crown and holding a fan. He has a fierce gaze and a sense of innate nobility that came from his body.[1]

Hui Ye could be considered fair-skinned, handsome, and elegant.[2]

Background Edit

He was a member of the 'Illusory Demon Seven Scions' and ranked third. His elder brother is the strongest of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions, and his father Duke Huai leads the strongest Duke Palace. He cultivates Fallen Flame Devil Arts like his father and is able to summon three Fallen Flame Devils. His weapon was the legendary Obsidian Devil Sword, a black short sword belonging to the ancient clan that created the Fallen Flame Devil Arts that can amplify the devil flame power.[3]

Plotline Edit

He arrived uninvited to the Yun Family Competition where the matter of the Yun Family Patriarch will be discussed.[1] He suggested that the next Patriarch should be the one with the most talent and Cyan Profound Handle, Yun Xinyue. Since Yun Xinyue was under his control, he would gain control over the entire Yun Family. This plan was foiled by Yun Che when Yun Xinyue's participation in the assassination attempt on Number Seven Under Heaven was revealed.[4]

He fought against Yun Che during the Young Generation Competition. His strength was substantial and forced Yun Che to use his heavy sword when the previous three opponents did not. He was defeated by the power of the heavy sword. The high quality profound armor he wore was destroyed but it saved his life.[5]

He was later killed by the Little Demon Empress.[6]