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Summary Edit

A ice flame that is created by merging Phoenix flames with the ice from the Tree of Frozen End. Normally impossible as the the two are naturally conflicting existences, but with the help of the fire and water Evil God seeds Yun Che was able to combine the two.

History Edit

While Yun Che was training inside Frozen Cloud Asgard and after Yun Che gained enlightenment on Frozen End Divine Arts, he used the power of the Water Evil God sedd and Fire Evil God seed to merge together Phoenix Flames and Tree of Frozen End. At first it had terrible backfire.

After Yun Che's time spent on the Primordial Profound Ark Yun Che used the Ice Flames to break open the door to the ancient fortess so he could get out, and with the constant use of them along with his major rise in profound strength let Yun Che use them more profeciently along with no backfires.

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