Your life is too short, your experiences are too few and your strength and soul are far too weak. If there comes a day you feel like you are already powerful enough, that your willpower and comprehension are ready to assume great waves and responsibility, come find me again. I will tell you the truth about everything… And give you all my power.
Ice Phoenix talking about her legacy to Yun Che[1]

The Ice Phoenix is one of the Three Supreme Water Attribute Beasts; the opposite of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts.

She is located at the bottom of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake in the Snow Song Realm, although she is alive, she can't leave that place.

First Appearance Edit

The girl’s arms were wrapped around her knees and her head was buried between her knees too, hugging herself into a ball. She was completely naked, exposing long, white legs and feet as delicate as lotuses. Her naked skin looked as sparkly and glossy as the light of moons and stars, even through a wall of ice.

Her long hair spread down her body and every hair looked as white as ice, tinged with a tiny bit of light blue… It looked very similar to Mu Xuanyin's. Every one of her hairs looked like they were enveloped in the cold light of ice and snow.

The hair that looked like ice jade covered up her face and her most forbidden private parts too.

Personality Edit

She seems to be calm but a bit cold, since she has more than 5 Billion years old, her wisdom is very high.

Background Edit

In the past, she served under Li Suo's, by mistake she got to know about the Evil God's child. She waited more than 1 million years in order to find the hope for humanity and prevent the destruction of the world, that only hope is the Inheritor of the Evil God.

History Edit

Yun Che found her at the bottom of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake in the Snow Song Realm, she told him some things about the Creation Gods and the Devil Emperors and also that he needs to become stronger in order to save the world from the calamity that is going to befall in the Realm of the Gods.

She told him that once he thinks that he is strong enough and can accept the responsibility, he can find her again in the same place to accept all of her powers.


Profound ArtEdit