The reason why you selected the heavy sword… is exactly the same… as brother’s…

— Jasmine to Yun Che

Jasmine (茉莉) is the princess of the Star God Realm from the Realm of Gods. At a young age she inherited the strength of one of the Twelve Star Gods, the Heaven Slaughter Star God. Later, from the soul of the Golden Crow, we found out that Jasmine is just a temporary vessel, and that she will become an ‘offering’ so the inherited divine strength of the Heaven Slaughter Star God won't weaken upon using Star Soul Reincarnation. [1]

She met Yun Che after she fought over the Immortal Blood from the Evil God, where she got poisoned by the Absolute God Slaying Poison which destroyed her body leaving her in soul form. Currently she is completely detoxified of all poison. [2]

One of the known reasons she went after the Evil Gods blood was so she could kill the women who schemed and manipulated her brother to death. [3]

Her cultivation is unknown, but is at least at the Divine Profound Realm, most likely much higher as she was able to effortlessly kill Universe Devouring Beasts in the Chaos Dimension. [4]

At the beginning, she kept making plans to make Yun Che mighty, for the sole purpose of reconstituting her body. But as Yun Che’s strength increased bit by bit, with a speed which far exceeded her initial calculations, a desire was unconsciously formed in her heart. The desire to see just how far this human could go before she left him… And this desire continued to grow more and more intense.[5]

Trivia Edit

Jasmine is not really her name but her title. Yun Che still prefers to call her Jasmine though. His Jasmine.

Appearance Edit

Young dainty and petite body, snow white skin, bright red hair, and unrivaled beauty. Even after several years her appearance is still the same as when she was 13, with no signs of maturing because she's a half-spirit .

Personality Edit

She always wears a cold and indifferent front, and is very ruthless. Deep down she is hiding a deep pain that she doesn't want anyone to know about as seen when she broke down and cried in front of Yun Che, who happened to resemble her dead brother.

Even though she always looks and says stuff that and elder would say to a junior, she has an innocent side as seen when Yun Che always goes after beautiful women, or on a couple occasions when she watches Yun Che make love she will start to berate him for being a pervert and lecher.


Jasmine is from the Star God Realm, a place in the Realm of Gods. While growing up she always used to watch her brother practice his cultivation, allowing her to pick up on some of his techniques, which where later taught to Yun Che.

Later on in her life something deep happened with her father, which involved her. This caused her to have a very deep sated hatred and killing intent for him.

Some where along the way she received the inheritance from the 'Heaven Slaughter Star God', one of the Twelve Star Gods. Whether it was to get out of becoming a sacrifice for whoever is going to inherit the Heavenly Slaughter Star Gods power or to get revenge on her father, she in order to become even more powerful used her full power in order to get the Immortal Blood of the Evil God, but later found out from the Soul Imprint left on it that it would devour her old profound veins, and give her new one, effectively forcing her to start cultivating over again. Which Jasmine couldn't afford to do.

While trying to get the Evil God Immortal Blood she ended up getting poisoned by the Absolute God Slaying Poison where she went to search for the Sky Poison Pearl where she made her way to Blue Pole Star, and a fateful encounter meet up with the bearer of the Sky Poison Pearl, Yun Che.

History Edit

She was found laying seemingly dead in the mountains behind the Xiao Clan by Yun Che, thinking she's dead, touches her to find out that she has been poisoned by something neither he nor the Sky Poison Pearl could identify. She identify's the Sky Poison Pearl that is merged with Yun Che's body, she bites Yun Che's finger and starts sucking his blood then disappears within the Sky Poison Pearl.[6]

Later when Yun Che is about to get killed by Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu from the Xiao Sect, Jasmine wakes up and kills both of them which causes the Absolute God Slaying Poison to rebound.[7] Since her life has been tied to Yun Che she decides to make him her disciple and gives him the immortal blood of the Evil God to generate profound veins with the power of the Evil God.[8]

References Edit

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Although her true cultivation is still unknown and that until recently she was poisoned and incapable of using much Profound Strength less the poison rebound, and not having a physical body at; only allowed her to use 1/1000th of her total strength. The strength she has shown was still more powerful than anyone else introduced thus far, which includes Mu Bingyun who is at the very least in the Divine Profound Realm.

Star God Power InheritanceEdit

Jasmine at a young age inherited the power of one of the Twelve Star Gods, the Heaven Slaughter Star God. It was revealed that Jasmine is only a temporary vessel to be used as an offering so that the Heaven Slaughter Star Gods power will not weaken with the use of Soul Star Relegation.

Blood Lineage Edit

It is unknown exactly what Jasmine received in the power inheritance of a Star God besides Profound Strength, but it appears that it has changed her blood as she said she would give Yun Che a drop of Star God Blood once he rebuilt her body.

  • So far we have not seen how this actually works but from the description it sounds like inherited bloodlines from the likes of the Dragon God, Phoenix, or Golden Crow, what exactly Yun Che will receive has yet to be determined.

Profound Arts and Skills Edit

So far the only Profound Arts that Jasmines has used where from the Star God Series.

Star God's Series Edit

Learned but not usedEdit

Jasmine, when she was younger, used to watch her brother practice and unconsciously learned some of his Profound Arts but has not used them.

  • Prison God Sirius’ Tome - Unintentionally comprehended the fundamentals and the first sword style thorough watching her brother practice. She passed the first sword style to Yun Che to use with his heavy sword. After Yun Che mastered the first sword style Jasmine passed on some memories of her watching her brother practicing the later stages of the sword art to see if Yun Che is capable of comprehending them.
  • Great Way of the Buddha - Was a Profound Art that her brother used. She eventually passed onto Yun Che to help him wield his heavy sword.

Possessions Edit

Smoky Red Fairy Dress - Yun Che bought if for her at the Black Moon Merchant Guild.

Jasmine has a very profound cultivation which depths are still unknown. She only acts on occasions when Yun Che is unable to cope with, since she was poisoned with the Absolute God Slaying Poison and every time that she uses her Profound Strength the poison will rebound allowing it to route deeper into her soul.

Jasmine vs Xiao Ba & Xiao Jiu Edit

Jasmine has very few known relationships as since her complete background is unknown and she has very few or no contact at all with anybody else since being inside the Sky Poison Pearl besides Yun Che.


Unnamed Father Edit

Nothing is known about her father except that he is the only one that has ever reached the level of World King and Jasmine has a very deep seated hatred for him; The reason behind her going after the Evil God Immortal Blood was to become more powerful is so she can have enough power to fight her father.

It is only speculation but the deaths of her mother and brother, and her inheriting the Heaven Slaughter Star Gods power and ultimately becoming a sacrifice for someone is most likely because of him.

Unnamed MotherEdit

Unnamed BrotherEdit

Her brothers name is unknown but has been mentioned on several occasions. Jasmine has described him being like Yun Che always wanting to protect everyone close to him no matter the cost. Jasmine has given some of the Profound Arts that he has practiced due to their likeness.


Yun Che Edit

Since the beginning of the story Yun Che is the only person she has had any type of relationship with since being poisoned and resting in the Sky Poison Pearl. Over the time the two have been together she has come to fully trust in him, as seen when she opened up and cried in front of Yun Che, something thought to be impossible with someone with her cold and cruel personality. She calls him pervers,lecher,sex fiend but always saying that he will one day die because of some woman.Even if she looks like cold and distant to him in reality she cares about him lot and probably has romantic feeling toward him.Her cold and tsundere behavior could by explained because her elder brother died by scheme of wonam whom he loved.So we could say Jasmine is not willing to experience the same thing like with her brother but now she fears

Yun Che will be one day trapped in some scheme and eventually die and she will lose him.

The reason why you selected the heavy sword… is exactly the same… as brother’s…

— Jasmine to Yun Che [1]


At that time, what I liked to do most was watch the image of brother brandishing the heavy sword on the battlefield; brother was the most handsome, the most powerful, and he gave me and mother an indescribable feeling of safety and reliance. If brother was there, even if the sky was falling, we didn’t need to be afraid even a bit, because brother would use his heavy sword, and always protect us, the ones behind him.

— Jasmine about her brother [1]



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