At that time, what I liked to do most was watch the image of brother brandishing the heavy sword on the battlefield; brother was the most handsome, the most powerful, and he gave me and mother an indescribable feeling of safety and reliance. If brother was there, even if the sky was falling, we didn’t need to be afraid even a bit, because brother would use his heavy sword, and always protect us, the ones behind him.

Jasmine about her brother[1]

His name is unknown. He is Jasmine's elder brother. The only real things know about him is that he has a godly talent and his attitude is very much like Yun Che's. His weapon of choice is the heavy sword, some of the profound skills that he has used include the Great Way of the Buddha and Prison God Sirius’ Tome, which Jasmine passed to Yun Che.

Jasmine said that his death was because of the women that he loved, who used and manipulated him. [2]

He is like Yun Che, he inherited a primordial true god’s power. The primordial true god was known as ‘Star God Sirius’. Both his profound veins and blood contained the true god’s mark. Which allowed him to bear the weight of the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’s’ power. [1]

Appearance Edit

A young man with handsome features.[3]

Personality Edit

He is caring and a very protective person towards anyone who is close to him, using even his life on the line to protect his loved ones.

Background Edit

He's the youngest prince of the Star God Realm. [4]

History Edit



  • He could only reach the 6th stage of the Great Way of the Buddha which is also the limit for mortals before his death.
  • Three Divine Masters were killed when he went to save his mother.
  • He died trying to protect someone in search of a treasure.