Jewel of Icy Song is a clear, icy-blue jade pearl a foot in length. This jade pearl is linked to the final forbidden protective formation of the Frozen Cloud Asgard, the Snow Goddess’ Veil. Once the Jewel of Icy Song breaks, it will let out a loud ring and signify that the Snow Goddess’ Veil has been activated.

It was given to the ancestor of Heavenly Sword Villa by the ancestor of Frozen Cloud Asgard, Mu Bingyun, in the hopes that if Frozen Cloud Asgard faced destruction and the pearl shatters that Heavenly Sword Villa would do their utmost in order to help. The jade pearl was stored in Heavenly Sword Ancestral Hall, the most sacred place in Heavenly Sword Villa[1].

History Edit

The crystal shattered whenever several Overlords and Thrones of Sun Moon Divine Hall showed up in order to take Xia Qingyue back to Ye Xinghan. Ling Yuefeng, the current sect master Heavenly Sword Villa, selfishly decided not to help. His reasoning being that if the other party was strong enough to wipe out Frozen Cloud Asgard, nothing Heavenly Sword Villa can do will help[2].