Ji Qianrou is from the Supreme Ocean Palace, his 'unnatural' interest towards man terrifies many powerful characters, yet they can't do anything about it due to his cultivation level and brutal infamy. He holds serious hatred for things that he considers ugly.

Appearance Edit

An elegant and eminently handsome man capable of making both men and women feel inferior in terms of appearance.

Background Edit

Li Qianrou had once stumbled upon gazing on a hideous toad, to which he killed on the spot. Consequently, he made contact to the poison `Soul Coiling Toad’s Poison` and became poisoned. Though it did not cause such harm to his body due to his high profound strength, it was enough to cause some dissatisfaction towards him. Fortunately, after having the poison detected by Yun Che, he had his system cured of the poison.

Trivia Edit

  • The act of Yun Che giving the pills was an attempt to get away from Ji Qianrou.