Jiufang Yu was one of the most powerful members of the younger generation in the Illusory Demon Realm. He is a part of the Jiufang Family, one of the Twelve Guardian Families.

Plotline Edit

During the Young Generation Competition, he first fought against an exhausted Su Zhizhan and heavily poisoned him with Nine Emperor Dragon Poison. This was extremely vicious as Su Zhizhan's body was full of wounds from his previous battle.[1]

He next fought against Yun Che and laughed at Yun Che for being only at the Tenth level of Sky Profound. His arrogance led him to let Yun Che punch him without moving but planned to use his Profound Energy to create a backlash to cripple Yun Che. He did not use his profound strength to defend his body, which resulted in Yun Che crippling him with one punch.[2]